Momoland Philippines Orange Fanclub is now officially Shutting Down

Posted on December 11, 2018
Momoland Philippines Orange Fanclub is now officially Shutting Down

Bad News PH Merries! Due to the Momoland Philippines Pink Fanclub request, is requesting to delete our facebook pages and groups and anything related to our Orange Fanclub.

We trying to comply to the request of Momoland Philippines Pink Fanclub.

This website will be closed by 2019. This website has been Archived.

Thank you for your Love and Support to this Momoland Philippines Orange Fanclub.

No matter what happens, Keep supporting our girls MOMOLAND.

For more official updates, visit only the Official Page of MOMOLAND

Momoland Official Facebook Page: Click Here!

Momoland Official Facebook Group: Click Here!

Momoland Official Twitter: Click Here!

Momoland Official Daum Fancafe: Click Here!

[The First and Last Event of Our Orange Fanclub]

Source: Fanclub Announcement

Written by: Momoland Philippines Orange Team

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Cleso Griego 2019-08-15

Thank You Momoland Phlippines ♥

ainie gonzales 2019-09-12

Thank You Momoland Philippines!

Trevs TV uy 2019-07-10

Thank you momoland philippines ♥

Jehan Dela Cruz 2019-05-05

Thank you Momoland Philippines!

Joshua Fabian 2019-07-02

Thank You Momoland Philippines ♥
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